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Complete & Accurate Service 

From time to time we are asked about other professional services that are available. We work closely with other institutions and advisers to ensure that we arrange a complete and accurate service covering all your needs. Please see the information boxes below of how others that we work with may be of service to you. 

About The Company Of Entrepreneurs 

The Company of Entrepreneurs is a Guild of the City of London and an aspirant Livery Company. It is made up of men and women who have invested their own money and time in setting up and running successful businesses. Its aims are to: 
• Promote excellence in the profession of Entrepreneurship 
• Support the Lord Mayor, encourage the growth of the City and promote its full potential to entrepreneurs and growth businesses 
• Foster fellowship among entrepreneurs 
• Give money and time for charitable works that support the development of entrepreneurs and help to bring the opportunities of entrepreneurship to young people. 
An entrepreneur will have identified new market opportunities, sourced and organised the required people and resources, and experienced both the risks and rewards associated with such ventures. 
Colin Hegner has been a member of this Guild for a number of years now and is a Freeman of the City of London. Social events and charity events are held on a regular basis, they meet in London on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and the corporate dinners can be casual, black tie or white tie. 
Colin is currently a member of the Membership Committee and assists with recruitment and membership of this established and worshipful Company. Further details are available on its functions and Membership by contacting Colin at our Caterham office. 

Business Network International 

C.J.H.Consultancy Services Ltd, are pleased to be associated with Business Network International: 
BNI is a business and professional networking referral organisation whose primary purpose is to exchange qualified business referrals. It is the most successful organisation of its type in the world today, with over 104,000 members in over 5,010 chapters. Last year, members of BNI passed more than 5.5 million referrals, which generated more than £1.25 billion worth of business for its members. 
What makes BNI unique is that it allows only one person per profession to join a chapter. Thus, once you’ve joined, there is no conflict in passing referrals, and none of your competitors can participate! 
We would like to invite you to attend one of our morning meetings so you can learn more about the organisation, and find out if you would be interested in generating a steady source of referral business for yourself. So if you are in business or would just like the contacts that we can give through this organisation then call us for further details. 
So – If you ever need a Web Designer ,Computer Expert, a Plumber, Builder, Painter & Decorator, Accountant, or Financial Adviser, to name but a few, then call us and we can pass on not only the local chapter members details, but also put you in contact with BNI members in your own area if applicable. 

Guardian Storage Facility 

Guardian Storage now provides Secure Document Storage for the Clients of CJH Consultancy Services Limited, specialist Estate Planning firms and related affinity groups. 
Keep all your important documents safe under one roof 
But not your own! With widespread flooding, over 60,000 house fires and more than a million homes burgled each year, your important documents are very much at risk if kept at home. Our insured Document Storage facility with Guardian will keep all your important paperwork secure and readily available. Once your documents are completed and verified, we will also write to your Executors, Attorneys and family members, as appropriate, to confirm the location of your documents and how they may be retrieved. 
This Service has been especially designed to protect all those important or difficult to replace documents which you do not need to access on a regular basis, such as House Deeds, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Life Insurance Policies, Pension Plan Documents, Business Agreements, Marriage & Birth certificates etc. 
Please note that this facility is not suitable for frequently needed items such as 
Passports, Driving Licences, General Insurance Policies, etc. 
For a fixed annual charge of £40 – £45 (Only £15 for Family members) you can now store as many documents as you like. Upon receipt of your Application, Guardian Storage will log your details and those of your documents on their bespoke Document Management System and issue you with a Certificate of Deposit and Welcome Pack in confirmation. 
Prior to your death, Guardian will not release your documents to anyone except yourself without your express consent. The Terms and Conditions give further details of this valuable security. If we are storing New documents, we send you copies and also write to your officers confirming their appointment and your storage facilities. 
The document storage service is also available to clients who have not made Estate Planning arrangements with CJH. 
Do you have a property to sell following a family bereavement?  
Flexible Package  
Fixed Price  
Probate & Associated Services  
Estate Agents  
Solicitor for Conveyancing  

Conveyancing and Property Sales and Purchases  

Fixed Package  
By combining services with local Estate Agents and our Conveyancing Solicitor, we have come up with a new approach to help at this sad time.  
Depending on the value of your estate and property we can arrnage a Fixed Price Package to include all the Probate and Funeral costs, Estate Agent services for the sale of the property and all the legal services involved with completion - all this for a fixed sum that can be deducted once the house has been sold and the balance is available for distribution. 
For some, a bereavement can be a very difficult time, especially if there is a property to dispose of.  
Probate & Associated Services 
By extending the team of specialists available we can even arrange the funeral and the gathering, announcements in the local paper, including the Order of Service, manage to declutter the property, sort out any decorating or repairs if required to put this into a saleable condition and liaise with all the services required for utilities and insurance. If an end of year return is required or the estate is more complex, we even have an accountant on hand to help.  
Contact our Caterham office now for further details. We can cover all of London, Surrey, Kent, East and West Sussex. Other areas available on request.  
A similar service is available even if there is no property to sell.  
We now have facilities to work with a major Estate Agency Group, and Louise at Keller Williams UK can help you to sell or buy your home, or even let this out if required. Contact us now to be put in contact with this team. 
She works closely with our enhanced Probate Department so can arrange Probate valuations and advise families who wish to dispose of the property they may have recently inherited. Our Probate team then deal with the Conveyancer and Louise all under a fixed neat and tidy package 

Life Policy Trust 

Trusts and why we recommend them 

Life Policy Trusts issued by Life Companies carry a disclaimer that the wording of the document is for guidance only and is not guaranteed to be effective in any specific situation and that clients therefore should take independent legal advice, but they seldom pay any attention to this or, if they do, they usually assume that their Financial Adviser is qualified to give such advice. 
As Insurance companies are best to arrange the Life Policy Trusts it is always advisable to seek help from your financial adviser, as often your policy/policies can be placed into trust easily and without cost. 
If you are unable to arrange a trust through your adviser, and if you have held this policy for many years and the company has since changed hands or name, it is not always possible to go direct, then we can arrange a life policy trust suitable for your needs. Contact our office first for further advice. 

Funeral Plan 

Having to think about your funeral arrangements can be an uncomfortable thing to do, but thoughtful pre-planning can secure not only your own peace of mind but also the comfort and reassurance that your family will be spared the extra burden at such an emotional and distressing time. 
Talk to us and we can organise this all for you as work with companies that have over 25 years experiencing planning funerals both here in the UK and overseas. We’ll show you how the costs will be covered so you and your relatives won’t need to worry , allowing you the freedom to enjoy your life. 

Why Plan Ahead? 

You’ll understand how complicated arranging a funeral can be if you’ve ever had to organise one. There are some delicate matters to consider and difficult decisions to make. These are things that you might not want to leave for your family to deal with, so we can help you to decide now. 
Funeral costs can often cause financial strain on a family. Choosing to cover these costs in advance is the practical solution. A pre-paid funeral plan means that payments made at today’s prices have the effect of freezing funeral director’s charges for years ahead. In short, it’s a money saving and inflation–beating way of funding a funeral, offering many advantages over conventional savings plans, especially for the elderly or infirm where the merits of taking out insurance to meet this cost is no longer viable. 
A funeral Plan has many advantages. Your loved ones have the freedom to tailor their plan to suit their needs. It may be a straight forward plan that covers all the basics, an all inclusive premium package or one that is totally unique. 
It also enables the individual to specify in advance the funeral they want. This includes the choice of music to be played and whether you prefer charity donations rather than floral tributes for example. ‘Green Funerals’ or minimalistic funerals are sometimes requested these days and we can cater for all choices. 
Family and friends will still have the freedom to add specific services or personal tributes of their choice when the time comes. 
Another advantage of a pre-paid funeral plan over a traditional insurance policy or savings account is that the chosen funeral director is guaranteed to be covered in full and all disbursements are covered, being guaranteed to increase in line with the Retail Price index (RPI). If you’re not sure that the traditional approach is right for you then you don’t need to worry. We can help you create your own tailor made day so your family and friends remember you as you want to be remembered. 
As concerns about the environment loom larger in our daily lives, more and more people are choosing ecologically conscious funerals. These particular funeral services use natural, biodegradable coffins that have a minimal impact on the environment – whether cremated or buried. Many clients decide to take their green funeral a step further too and opt to leave a natural memorial, plant a tree or donate to conservation projects. 
Our Funeral plans are designed to be nationwide no matter where you live. Plans can be purchased in full or the cost spread over several years if there is not the budget to pay one lump sum. 
By arranging a funeral plan in advance the funeral director’s charges and other such costs are fixed at today’s prices. This means that your family will not face any extra or unexpected costs. 
All payments made are deposited in the Golden Leaves Societies Trust. It is managed independently and securely. Golden Leaves is the only pre paid funeral plan approved and recommended by the Society of Will Writers and Estate Practitioners and they are also a founder member of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and registered with the Funeral Authority (FPA). 
There are currently six plans to choose from (Copper - Bronze – Zinc - Silver – Gold – Platinum) and the Green Funeral have three. (Glade – Meadow – Woodland) There are also various methods of payment from one lump sum payment, payments over 1, 3 or 5 years, or by a fixed monthly cost with cover for life. 
Further details are available from our office at Caterham and we can arrange a free consultation without charge or obligation. Call us now for peace of mind regarding these future charges. 
Here at C.J.H. we will listen to your requirements and tailor a programme that totally reflects them. Talk to us and we can organise this all for you as we work with companies that have over 25 years experiencing planning funerals both here in the UK and overseas. We’ll show you how the costs will be covered so you and your relatives won’t need to worry giving you peace of mind. 

Recent Bereavement 

If you have suffered a recent bereavement and there is no existing funeral plan in place – don’t worry our experienced team are still on hand to advise you, and working with Golden leave and other local Funeral directors we can assist and help you at this time of need, from assisting with the funeral arrangements, organising the order of service and even planning and booking the wake. Please refer to our Probate section for further details on the overall packages available including de cluttering the home and even helping with minor repairs and maintenance needs. 
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